Thursday, 13 November 2014

Bollywood hot film actress Bipasha Basu starring her latest movie "Creature 3D" is Bollywood average business at the Box Office. However, earlier this year to discuss the film with great acting performances of the actress. Meanwhile, Razz 4 Bipasha has signed with Bikaram Bhat's upcoming film. But now the news is that the new 35 years old actress will be seen in more nude scene. At this stage in my career is already being talked about Bipasha naked in the presence of the news media in India and the world. The name of movie Nia. Directed by fashion designer Vikram Phadnis. Vikram and Bipasha alsi is a very close friend. This is the first film of her. The film can be seen to be a bath nude scene Bipasha caughted on camera. Bipasha said about itself. The shooting of the film has been completed properly. Not only in the film are played by Bipasha with her former boyfriend Rana Daggubati. Prior to the film came about Bipasha and Rana. Five months later, however, the relationship is broken. Bipasha moved itself. Now with Rana and me more intimate scenes can be seen in the film Nia. However, it does not bother them Bipasha. In this refard, she said, I'm an actress. So to me, the key works. And Nia film I played the central character. Here are several open yet been on camera scene. In some scene, with Rana has to be close. I see things in quite the sight. From the start of my career until now I always say a word. that the character needed to be naked or bright scenes to my mind was not there yet. Have worked in the film so far. Hopefully Nia will look at the image.


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