Saturday, 8 November 2014

Nadia Afreen in the competition and wore the crown of Lux Channel I Superstar 2014. She received the award as well as a brand new car, 10 lakh in cash and the chance to become the Face of Lux. The first runner-up in this year's competition Nazifa Anjum. She received a cash prize of 5 lakh taka. Second runner-up in this year's is Neelanjona Neela. She received a cash prize money of 3 lakh taka.Number of judges, the audience votes and the winner is based on the previous performance Nadia took the crown. The latest claimant to the crown was five years. And participant are Neelanjona Neela, Nazifa Anjum, Nadia Afreen, Supriya Shabnam and Fahmida Tasnim Prema. For a long time, they themselves have changed radically. Regularly to the gym, doing the diet. Training took down the catwalk, many of dance program. The goal of the colorful world of modeling and acting.


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