Thursday, 6 November 2014

Kolkata Bengali films 'Romeo and Juliet' are appeared leading role actress of Bangladeshi Mahiya Mahi. A beautiful and elegant actress that's why she live in Kolkata several days long. But she came here for one day on Cotober 13, she went back there function and program launch. Is called fans and relatives are avoided in few days. The heroine of the new intelligence have come new ideas. To maintain contact with fans from there she expresses Video footage. Mahi said at the beginning of the video, "Moynamoti Mubarak'. Happy Eid to me like the films, so it guys. Many wrong with autopsy film 'Moynamoti' recovered 'Onek Shadher Moyna'. Because of the era Razzak sir and Kobori madam have played greatness, I cannot go to near them. Mahiya requested her fans that my films will be saw in the cinema hall. Zakir Hossain Raju directed much wrong with the autopsy, 'built in 1969, director Kazi Rayhan classic films 'Moynamoti' adaptation has been made. Pair of golden days, my friend Razzaq and Kobori as come to Bappy-Mahi as shadow character. It has also played an important role Anisur Rahman Milon. Jazz Multimedia project has produced the film.


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