Thursday, 6 November 2014

Good looking and high figure Bangladeshi film actress Popy has long been on the big screen. Put an end to the shooting of her films do not get released. On the other hand there is no news, no new movies offer and no movies being added. Was known to more than her one manager, one to do the work of Popy crisis because of its contrast to the actor. Shakil Khan who is appeared most of the film compare with Popy. Who are now far away from the movie. Rubel, Riaz and other olso known to Amit Hasan not seen too much of the big screen. Meanwhile, the actors are in demand in the market, most of them due to age does not match with Popy . A source on condition of anonymity, said the director, 'My film starring Popy still looking forward to it. Would you say today is the only scheduled tomorrow. There are stories. but in contrast to the hero who'll take her. Do not make a film with her as the hero does not.' Meanwhile, on November 8, Popy starring in the next 'Love Four Characters' getting released.


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